About ICBConnect Global B2b Sales Accelerator
Maxim Perevezentsev. CEO. 
24+ years of implementation of international projects (market entry and investment) | Social Selling Expert on LinkedIn | LinkedIn Kickstart Champion 2016 Award | SSI 95 | 150+ market entry projects on 4 continents | Recommendations from commercial and government organizations (USA, EU, Russia ...) 
About ICBConnect. 
Clients: more than 150 completed market entry projects for government and commercial organizations from all over the world. Numerous recommendations. Won government (USA, EU, Egypt, Russia) and commercial tenders (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa).  
Objectives of ICBConnect acceleration programs, via LinkedIn tools: 
- positioning employees / company on LinkedIn 
- target selection of potential clients / partners / investors globally 
- maximum load of the sales department with leads (transfer and update of the database) 
- training in effective work on LinkedIn and transferring cases to the sales department of the customer company for further independent work
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